Western Hospital provides a series of diagnostic services for the convenience of its patients, including a comprehensive range of Laboratory Tests, Imaging Services and Clinical Diagnostics. Diagnostic services are important as they help doctors quickly assess and find the correct diagnosis of your condition, thus ensuring that you receive the best possible care and start you on the path to recovery as soon as possible.


Our diagnostic tests are conducted in comfortable surroundings by caring and professional staff, who are well qualified and experienced, and provide a thoroughly professional service with reliable technology for efficient, accurate and quick results.


We collaborate with ISO accredited hospital laboratories such as Asiri Labs and Nawaloka Metropolis, as well as Genetech Sri Lanka to provide a wide range of specialized diagnostic services. In addition, we also send special tests to accredited laboratories in India.



We provide routine Haematology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Immunology and Clinical Pathology tests and collaborate with other laboratories for highly specialized tests and Molecular Biology diagnostic tests. Click here for more information about our laboratory tests.



Our imaging services include X-Rays, ECGs, Ultrasound, Doppler Sonography, and more and we can arrange CT and MRI scans. Click here for more information about our imaging services.


Clinical Diagnostics

We offer 24 hour blood pressure recording, spirometry, uroflowmetry, creatinine clearance via bioimpedance and various other clinical diagnostic tests. Find out more here.


Health Packages

Preventive healthcare is very important, and it is wise and responsible to schedule regular health checks to avoid serious ailments. We provide a variety of convenient health packages for basic, general and specific check up purposes, to bring peace of mind for you and your family. We also conduct renal checks, diabetes screening checks, diabetes checks, comprehensive corporate health checks (OPD) and kidney transplant annual checkups (OPD). Patients who wish to be admitted for our health check up packages will be given a 10% discount on room charges.

View Our Health Packages

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