Western Hospital has a fully equipped dedicated scanning room for Ultrasound and Doppler Scanning. Ultrasound scanning, also known as sonography, is a non-invasive medical imaging test that uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain 3D/4D images of organs and structures within the body. This method does not use radiation, and can be used in obstetrics. We also provide Doppler Scanning, which can be used to determine how blood flows through your vessels, and helps doctors study major blood vessels for clots or plaque and evaluate blood flow in the heart, kidneys and limbs.

Scan list for Inward and Outward Patients

  • Ultra Sound Scan
  • Doppler Scan
  • Doppler Iliac


Western Hospital Ultrasound/Doppler Scanning

  • Location : 3rd Floor
  • Contact : +94 11 268 5413
  • Service Hours : On Call Service
  • Services : Ultrasound, Doppler Scanning (Cardiac, Renal, Limb)
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