Western Hospital provides exceptional post kidney transplant care services ensuring the best for you or your loved one. We understand the importance of post transplant aftercare and provide the best possible care for a speedy recovery. We are able to provide continuous observation and treatment for transplant patients at any stage.


Immediately after transplant surgery, patients are moved to our recovery room to wake up. Patients are then taken our Renal ICU – which is the only fully equipped Post Transplant Renal Unit in Sri Lanka – which specializes in post transplant care. Our Renal ICU accommodates up to eight patients, and provides a well equipped and safe environment to recover from a kidney transplant.


Our dedicated staff will care for you for weeks after having a kidney transplant until your kidney function reaches a normal level. Our experienced and helpful team of nephrologists and nurses go above and beyond to closely monitor kidney function of patients, look out for early signs of rejection and administer anti-rejection medications daily at the right time and dosage to keep your body from rejecting the new kidney.


Most patients will be able to resume a normal life and recover fully usually within three months after having a kidney transplant. It is important to follow up with your doctors and to participate in a regular schedule of diagnostic tests including physical examinations. It is advisable to wait three months after your transplant before travelling abroad.


Our staff will also provide all the necessary advice and will inform you what precautions should be taken after kidney transplants to ensure the long term success of your kidney transplant. It is important to note that you must continue to take anti-rejection medication even if you are feeling well and you think your transplanted kidney is working well. A rejection can occur if you stop or miss your medication.


People with kidney transplants are at greater risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. Therefore it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  General precautions to be taken after kidney transplant include quitting smoking and drinking, maintaining a healthy balanced diet and weight, exercising and controlling high blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and blood lipid levels.


It is also important to avoid infections, as anti-rejection medications lower your immune system and you will be susceptible to viral and other infections. To avoid infections make sure you wash hands regularly, maintain good hygiene, avoid contact with sick people and practice safe food handling. Women should avoid getting pregnant for at least a year after surgery.


Contact the Western Hospital Kidney Transplant Coordination Department for more information regarding post kidney transplant care in Sri Lanka.

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