Five ways to boost your energy levels when living with diabetes

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Low energy levels are unfortunately, part and parcel of living with diabetes. Feeling tired and run down can make functioning and dealing with everyday demands, very difficult. Needing to monitor our blood sugar levels with regular testing, being mindful of our diet and dealing with stress can all take its toll on us. However, by making a few tweaks to our daily routines and taking a little time just to treat ourselves right, we can help give our energy levels a much needed boost. Below are some steps that will encourage you on your journey to feeling more energized.

Getting a good night’s sleep

This may seem like a point that can go without saying, but with the many distractions that are thrown our way these days, we often don’t get the necessary hours of sleep. Busy checking up on the latest news online or just watching one more documentary or movie, seem like perfect ways to relax, but they do take away from our sleep.

Sleep and getting enough of it, is a great way to boost your energy levels. Also, according to studies good sleep can also help improve your blood glucose levels, boost your immune system and work wonders for your mental health.

Little steps you can take to achieve this is to set yourself a time, every night, by which you should go to sleep. This means devises and television off and books down. Make sure to adhere to the time you have set, everyday including weekends, when possible,

Go for a walk

Especially after lunch, this will help refresh you. Even if you are at work, try and fit in a short walk which works towards reducing post meal sugar levels and thereby helps you to feel more energetic, quicker.

Avoid refined carbs

You may already be doing this but its always good to remind ourselves why. White or refined carbs can make blood sugar levels rise rapidly, which makes a diabetic feel extremely fatigued. Cutting these out of your diet will help improve your energy levels.

Get your dose of Vit D

According to research vitamin D can help improve muscle efficiency and that reduces muscle fatigue. This in turn helps you feel less tired and more energized. In Sri Lanka, we are lucky, because we have a natural source of early morning sunlight, which we can make use of to get some vitamin D. You can also take supplements, including for other vitamins and minerals based on the advice of your doctor.

Take some time for yourself

This is often a neglected area. Taking time to check in with yourself and relax leads to a healthy mind which in turn leads to a healthy body. When you are mindful and more respectful of yourself, then you take more care of yourself naturally. It helps reduce stress which helps boost your energy.

Along with the professional care you receive with the consultants at Western Hospital as well as through our Diabetes packages, give these tips a go and experience the rejuvenating effects.