Western Hospital has conducted over 100 transplants for international patients, and is the perfect choice for international patients who are looking for reliable, efficient, speedy and affordable kidney transplants. Getting a kidney transplant is a life-saving operation for patients with end-stage kidney disease or chronic kidney failure who do not wish to undergo constant dialysis. A successful kidney transplant eliminates the need for dialysis and helps kidney patients live a regular, active life.


Western Hospital conducted the first kidney transplant in Sri Lanka in 1985, and has the longest standing dialysis and transplant programme in the country. Kidney transplant procedures are conducted by highly skilled, board certified and experienced consultant nephrologists, and are completely transparent and ethical and ratified by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. Our well trained and dedicated nurses, as well as efficient technical staff and caring support staff back our experienced nephrologists, ensuring that you receive the best care possible.


Features of our kidney transplant programme include:

  • Sri Lanka’s pioneer and longest running kidney transplant programme
  • A comprehensive process that includes registration, consultation and counselling, right up to the operating table
  • A specialized Renal Intensive Care Unit for post transplant patients with a seasoned post transplant care team made up of specialists, nurses and support staff
  • Post transplant clinics for follow ups


Transparency & Ethics

We do not support transplant commercialism, transplant tourism and human organ trafficking. Our entire kidney transplant procedure is completely transparent and ethical and ratified by the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka. We can arrange a kidney transplant within three weeks of arrival in the country (conditions apply).


If you are looking for a quick quote, please email us for more details, or call us on our hotline +94 713 955 442 for more information. All walk-in registrants will get detailed estimates. We invite you to contact us directly for any information or queries; we are always willing to help serve you better.


Western Hospital Kidney Transplant Coordination Department

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