Western Hospital provides a wide range of patient services and is dedicated to providing the best care possible. We understand that a visit to a hospital can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, so we provide an array of services for our patients to help make their experience at Western Hospital go as smoothly as possible. With experienced and informative doctors, friendly and efficient nurses and dedicated and helpful staff members, you are in good hands at Western Hospital.


Our patient services include:



We are always happy to answer your questions, give directions and help your visit to Western Hospital be smooth, efficient and hassle free. We aim to provide you the best possible treatment in a safe and clean environment.


General Patient Information

How to make an appointment?

If you are looking to make an appointment at Western Hospital, simply use one of the methods below:


Mobile: Simply dial 225 from any mobile in Sri Lanka, and follow the instructions to make an appointment.


Online: If you are looking for channeled consultations online, please visit our channel board here (via e-channeling).


In person: You can also make an appointment by visiting Western Hospital, going to our Channeling Counter, checking the doctor’s availability, making the appointment and paying and collecting the payment slip directly.


Hospital Admissions

Both routine and emergency admissions to Western Hospital are conducted through our customer care staff at the Admission Counter on the 2nd Floor.



If you will be using insurance to cover the costs of your hospital stay, kindly inform us during admission. This will help with the processing time for approval from your insurance company.



An initial deposit of Rs. 10,000 will be required upon admission, which will be indicated to you by our staff at the Admission Counter. This deposit can be paid as cash or by credit card.


What to bring with you on admission

You will only need a few personal items during your admission at Western Hospital. These include a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or brush, shaving kit, night wear and a pair of slippers. It is advisable to leave patient valuables and cash at home.

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