List of Consultants





Prof. Rezvi Sheriff General Physician & Nephrologist Mon To Fri 5.00 P.M
Sat 3.00 P.M
Prof. Saman Gunathilaka General Physician & Nephrologist Sat 4.30 P.M
Dr. Sanjaya Heiyanthuduwa Consultant Nephrologist Mon 8.30 P.M
Tue, Fri 4.30 P.M
Sat 1.00 P.M
Dr. Lalith Wijerathna Consultant Rheumatologist Tue 1.30 P.M
Dr. J .H. L. Cooray Consultant Chest Physician Mon 11.45 A.M
Wed 11.30 A.M
Thu 5.00 P.M
Dr. R. Zanoon Consultant General Surgeon Tue 3.00 P.M
Dr. Seneth Samaranayake Consultant General Physician Wed 8.00 A.M
Mrs. R. Jayamali Speech Therapist Wed 7.00 P.M
Dr. D. P. D. Wijesinghe Consultant Psychiatrist Mon, Frid 4.30 P.M
Dr. Prasad Katulanda Consultant Endocrinologist & Diabetologist Wed 7.30 A.M
Prof. Nevil Perera Consultant Urologist Thu 7.00 A.M
Dr. A. Kapuruge Consultant Cardiothorapic Surgeon Mon To Fri 4.30 P.M
Dr. Manohari Senevirathne Consultant Physician Tue 5.00 P.M
Fri 7.30 P.M
Dr. Jayamini Horadugoada Consultant Clinical Oncologist Mon, Sun 8.30 A.M
Dr. Nishantha Mendis Consultant General Surgeon Mon, Wed 4.00 P.M
Thu 7.00 P.M
Fri 8.00 A.M
Sun 8.30 A.M
Dr. M. Sheriff Consultant E N T Surgeon Mon To Wed, Fri 9.30 P.M
Mr. M. Hajith Physiotherapist Fri 6.00 P.M
Sat 4.30 P.M
Dr. Chandika Liyanage Consultant Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Mon, Fri, Sat 8.00 P.M
Sun 11.00 A.M
Dr. Renuka Mahanama Consultant General Surgeon Sat 5.30 P.M
Mrs. N. E. D. Samaranayake Psychological Counselor Mon 7.30 A.M
Dr. Waruna Gunathilake Consultant Physician Mon, Wed, Thu, Sun 8.30 A.M & 4.00 P.M
Fri 8.30 A.M
Sat 4.00 P.M
Dr. Ranjuka Ubayasiri Consultant Vascular & Transplant Surgeon Sat 12.00 P.M
Dr. Jayathri S. Jagoda Consultant Rheumatologist Mon, Wed 6.00 P.M
Dr. Punyani Banduthilake Consultant General Paediatrician Mon 4.30 P.M
Dr.(Mrs) A.R.J.P. Niyas Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Nil Nil
Dr. K.Umasankar Consultant Genitourinary & Transplant Surgeon Mon To Fri 8.00 P.M
Sun 8:00 P.M
Dr. Amila Jayasekara Consultant General Surgeon Mon, Wed 4.30 P.M
Thu, Fri, Sun 5.00 P.M
Sat 8.00 A.M
Dr.(Mrs) Indira Kahavita Consultant Dermatologist Thu 4.00 P.M
Dr. Mihira Bandara Consultant General Surgeon Mon To Fri 9.00 A.M & 4.00 P.M
Sun 4.00 P.M
Dr. Dushan Fernando Consultant General Surgeon Wed, Thu 4.00 P.M
Dr. Dhammika Wickramasekara Consultant General Surgeon Wed 5.00 P.M
Dr. Samantha Chandimal Jayawardane Consultant Pediatrician Mon To Sat 4.00 P.M
Sun 8.30 P.M

This chart is given as a guide only. Consultants can change times without notice. Please call 0117392260 before arriving at the Hospital.

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