List of Consultants





Prof. Rezvi SheriffGeneral Physician & NephrologistMon To Fri5.00 P.M
Sat3.00 P.M
Prof. Saman GunathilakaGeneral Physician & NephrologistSat4.30 P.M
Dr. Sanjaya HeiyanthuduwaConsultant NephrologistMon8.30 P.M
Tue, Fri4.30 P.M
Sat1.00 P.M
Dr. Lalith WijerathnaConsultant RheumatologistTue1.30 P.M
Dr. J .H. L. CoorayConsultant Chest PhysicianMon11.45 A.M
Wed11.30 A.M
Thu5.00 P.M
Dr. R. ZanoonConsultant General SurgeonTue3.00 P.M
Dr. Seneth SamaranayakeConsultant General PhysicianWed8.00 A.M
Mrs. R. JayamaliSpeech TherapistWed7.00 P.M
Dr. D. P. D. WijesingheConsultant PsychiatristMon, Frid4.30 P.M
Dr. Prasad KatulandaConsultant Endocrinologist & DiabetologistWed7.30 A.M
Prof. Nevil PereraConsultant UrologistThu7.00 A.M
Dr. A. KapurugeConsultant Cardiothorapic SurgeonMon To Fri4.30 P.M
Dr. Manohari SenevirathneConsultant PhysicianTue5.00 P.M
Fri7.30 P.M
Dr. Jayamini HoradugoadaConsultant Clinical OncologistMon, Sun8.30 A.M
Dr. Nishantha MendisConsultant General SurgeonMon, Wed4.00 P.M
Thu7.00 P.M
Fri8.00 A.M
Sun8.30 A.M
Dr. M. SheriffConsultant E N T SurgeonMon To Wed, Fri9.30 P.M
Mr. M. HajithPhysiotherapistFri6.00 P.M
Sat4.30 P.M
Dr. Chandika LiyanageConsultant Gastrointestinal & HepatobiliaryMon, Fri, Sat8.00 P.M
Sun11.00 A.M
Dr. Renuka MahanamaConsultant General SurgeonSat5.30 P.M
Mrs. N. E. D. SamaranayakePsychological CounselorMon7.30 A.M
Dr. Waruna GunathilakeConsultant PhysicianMon, Wed, Thu, Sun8.30 A.M & 4.00 P.M
Fri8.30 A.M
Sat4.00 P.M
Dr. Ranjuka UbayasiriConsultant Vascular & Transplant SurgeonSat12.00 P.M
Dr. Jayathri S. JagodaConsultant RheumatologistMon, Wed6.00 P.M
Dr. Punyani BanduthilakeConsultant General PaediatricianMon4.30 P.M
Dr.(Mrs) A.R.J.P. NiyasConsultant Obstetrician & GynaecologistNilNil
Dr. K.UmasankarConsultant Genitourinary & Transplant SurgeonMon To Fri8.00 P.M
Sun8:00 P.M
Dr. Amila JayasekaraConsultant General SurgeonMon, Wed4.30 P.M
Thu, Fri, Sun5.00 P.M
Sat8.00 A.M
Dr.(Mrs) Indira KahavitaConsultant DermatologistThu4.00 P.M
Dr. Mihira BandaraConsultant General SurgeonMon To Fri9.00 A.M & 4.00 P.M
Sun4.00 P.M
Dr. Dushan FernandoConsultant General SurgeonWed, Thu4.00 P.M
Dr. Dhammika WickramasekaraConsultant General SurgeonWed5.00 P.M
Dr. Samantha Chandimal JayawardaneConsultant PediatricianMon To Sat4.00 P.M
Sun8.30 P.M

This chart is given as a guide only. Consultants can change times without notice. Please call 0117392260 before arriving at the Hospital.

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