Western Hospital Outpatient Department (OPD)


Western Hospital offers round the clock outpatient care for all your primary care requirements with our convenient and efficient OPD. We also offer services for minor surgical procedures as well as admission facilities at any time of the day.


Our OPD is located on the 1st Floor, and provides a convenient way of obtaining health services for walk in patients with minor illnesses. In operation 24 hours a day, patients are examined by qualified, senior medical officers and prescribed medicine or treatment when necessary or referred to relevant specialties for further opinion or management or follow up if needed. Our OPD nursing staff will ensure all patients receive the care they deserve.


Western Hospital OPD services include primary care requirements such as nebulizations, Injection drips, dressings, suturing, catheterization, injections (intramuscular and intravenous), blood collection facilities as well as accidents and emergency treatment.


Western Hospital OPD

  • Location : Ground Floor
  • Phone : +94  11  268  5413 – EXT 119
  • Services : Medical Advice and Checkups, Treatment, Referral to Consultants, Accidents & Emergency treatment, Nebulizations, Injections
  • Service Hours : 24 hours, Daily


Western Hospital Mobile Services

We have an efficient mobile service that is run by highly trained and dedicated staff, ensuring that care is available for the immobile, elderly and terminally ill. Our mobile unit provides a wide range of services to patients at their residence, at times that are convenient to them.


Western Mobile Services include general medical assistance, injections, drips, nebulizations, sample collection, ECG services and elderly care.


We currently provide mobile services for patients that live in a 3 km radius from our hospital location which are available daily from 7 am to 7 pm including holidays and Sundays. Contact us on +94   11  268  5413 for more details if you are looking for mobile services for your loved ones.


Western Mobile Services

  • Phone : +94 11 268 5413
  • Services : General medical assistance, nebulizations, drips to the elderly and immobile
  • Service Hours : 7 am to 7 pm


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