Consultant specialties

Channel Consultations

Western Hospital has a varied panel of consultants to cater to your specialist needs. Our panel covers a wide range of specialties, and we are proud to have some of the best professionals that Sri Lanka has to offer working with us to ensure that our patients have quality care and expertise.

In addition with our ultra modern stylishly build channel wings, comfortable waiting spaces, video & audio consultations and also since Western Hospital is one of the first hospitals in Sri Lanka to tie up with DOC990 Appointment Live Tracking And Queue Management System channeling has never been easier.

  • Convenient bookings
    • Telephone bookings or Doc990
    • E-channeling
    • ODOC (Video Consultations Only)
  • Appointment live tracking
  • Patient queue management
  • No waiting time
  • Comfortable waiting space.
  • Facilities for all diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and inward care under the same roof

Specialists in most fields of healthcare, at Western Hospital. Our panel covers several areas of specialists:

Western Hospital is staffed by the specialist doctors and consultants in Sri Lanka and is growing every day. Our consultants focus on more than 38 areas of specialty and are equipped to handle a diverse variety of health issues. In addition with our attractive channel consultation rooms, comfortable waiting areas, patient queue management technology, video & audio consultations and other services for channeling a consultant has never been easier.

Our panel covers several areas of specialists:

Please click the link of each specialty to visit Western Hospital consultants