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If you have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), then life for you is about to change. This does not mean though, that you cannot lead a good life even while dealing with this disease. Consider the tips given below and slowly build a productive life for yourself, one day at a time.

Accept the challenge

Accept that you have CKD and see it as a challenge that should be overcome. Believe in yourself and your ability to meet this challenge head on with confidence. Use all the resources available to you to find out all about CKD and your own conditions, so that you are armed with all the necessary knowledge to deal with the disease. Be in constant contact with your care team and always check with them any information you may obtain from various sources. This is to check the authenticity and relevance to your specific condition. By reading up and listening or watching programs on CDK and discussing with others, you are taking a pro-active approach which will help fill you with positive energy, which is a proactive way to feel good.

Stay busy

While you may have to make certain adjustments, do not give up totally on your normal activities. Continue exercising, for the benefits to staying active are many. Again, get your Doctor’s approval and guidance for the intensity of your workout, but CKD is not an excuse to stop exercising. Also, if you have a job continue with it if possible. Speak with your place of employment and try and work out a viable solution so that when necessary you can take time of dialysis etc. Most places are flexible, offering an agile work environment, so you need not always be in office to perform your function. If your work place is not flexible, then look for alternate employment. Today, there are many online options that allow you to earn from the comfort of your own home.

Ask for help

Appreciate life and that even though you have CKD, you have a life to live and that it is up to you to live it to its best. Pay attention to your emotions and how you are feeling. It will obviously, take time for you to adjust and feel as though you are in control of your life. This is when you need to ask family, friends and care givers for help, even it is just to listen to your thoughts. You can get in touch with other kidney patients and discuss how they deal with the changes in their lifestyles and receive firsthand advice. Never underestimate the power of talking with other people. Given time you will learn to build a new and productive lifestyle around your kidney disease.

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