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Staying hydrated is very important, especially during very hot weather is essential. There is the standard advice of drinking eight glasses of water a day. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and drinking water should be an organic process, done to suit your individual needs. A generally accepted daily standard is about three litres for men, around 12 cups and about 2.2 litres for women which is around 9 cups. Being hydrated is essential for our bodies to thrive and for our kidneys to stay healthy.

Effects of dehydration

When you suffer from mild dehydration you will feel tired and find that your normal bodily functions are impaired. Sever dehydration can lead to kidney damage. Water helps prevent kidney stones and Unitary Track Infections (UTIs) and also helps flush out infection-causing bacteria from the kidneys.

Urine your best indicator

Examining your urine is the best way to check if you are taking a sufficient amount of water. If your urine is dark yellow, it is an indicator that you are dehydrated. Take immediate action to drink healthy fluids regularly even if you do not feel thirsty. While water is the best, unsweetened tea and juices are also good for hydration. You can also enjoy water-rich fruits such as watermelons. When your body is properly hydrated it should create about 1.5 litres of urine daily.

Smart exercise

Regular exercise is a must for healthy kidneys as it keeps your weight and blood pressure down. However, it is important that you do not overexert yourself. Doing so puts a strain on your kidneys. Slowly but steadily build up a daily or regular exercise regime so that your body strengthens along with the exercise routine.

Limit the intake of over-the counter medications

It is best not to overdo over-the-counter medications as they can have an affect on your kidneys. If you take them once in a while then they will probably not pose a risk, but if taken regularly for acute pains or arthritis then it is best to consult a doctor for smarter alternatives to relive the pain.

Get function screenings done

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, then you are at risk and it would be advisable to get regular kidney function screenings done. Consult with your doctor regarding this.

Hydrating with kidney disease

Kidney failure simply put means the body does not excrete enough water, sometimes not at all. When receiving dialysis treatment and when on medication, is advisable to greatly restrict water intake. Again, seek the advice and guidance of your Consultant.

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