Western Hospital provides x ray services in Sri Lanka. X-rays are types of electromagnetic radiation which sees through a person’s skin and reveal images of the bones beneath it. We provide a 24 hour radiography service for general X-rays, which covers a comprehensive range of basic X-rays including dental x-rays. Our X-ray unit is well equipped with latest digital technology and is administered by experienced and highly trained radiographers. We also provide specialized x-rays such as intravenous pyelogram (IVP) X-rays, which is an X-ray test that provides pictures of the kidneys and other components of the urinary tract.

Western Hospital X-Ray services in Sri Lanka includes a variety of X-Ray imaging including:

  • IVP X-Ray
  • Chest-AP X-Ray
  • Chest-AP/LAT X-Ray
  • GUT (KUB) (AP) X-Ray
  • Abdomen- ERECT(/Supine X-Ray
  • Skull AP/ LAT X-Ray
  • Sinuses – AP X-Ray
  • Lumbar Spine – AP / LAT X-Ray
  • Knee Joint – AP/ LAT X-Ray
  • Both Knee Joint – AP/ LAT X-Ray
  • Hip Joint – AP/ LAT X-Ray
  • Both Hip Joint- AP X-Ray
  • Foot – AP/ LAT X-Ray
  • Shoulder – AP X-Ray
  • Shoulder – AP/LAT X-Ray
  • Cervical Spine – AP/LAT X-Ray
  • Ankle – AP/LAT X-Ray
  • Elbow – AP/LAT X-Ray
  • Wrist – AP/LAT X-Ray
  • Finger X-Ray
  • Dental X-Ray
  • Thoracic Lumber Spine AP / LAT X-Ray
  • For most X-Rays there is no appointment required or pre preparation. You can walk in during service times and take an X-Ray.
  • X-Ray KUB/ IVP/ Abdomen ERECT
    • 12 hour fasting is required
    • Empty bowels are required (DULCOLAX tabs may be administered for KUB X-Rays)
    • Allergic history,  12 hour fasting  is also required for IVP X-Rays
  • Ask our staff for any clarification.

An X-Ray generally takes 10-15 minutes while a few X-Rays take 30 minutes.

Here’s what happens:

  • Once you are prepared for the type of X-Ray you are undertaking, then the X-ray technician or radiologist will tell you how to position your body to create clear images.
  • They may ask you to lie, sit, or stand in several positions during the test. They may take images while you stand in front of a specialized plate that contains X-ray film or sensors. In some cases, they may also ask you to lie or sit on a specialized plate and move a large camera connected to a steel arm over your body to capture X-Ray images.
  • It is important to stand still when performing the X-Ray
  • Once the radiologist is satisfied with the images, the X-Ray will be printed and handed over to you. After which the medical personnel may advice you to meet the doctor or specialist consultant for further treatment.