In Today’s Healthcare environment, Nurses have a pivotal Role to play as part of a multi professional team, Caring for a diverse range of patients and working in a wide variety of specialist areas. They are the backborne for improved healthcare standards and quality of care in a hospital.To continously improve quality in standards of nursing and develop visionary nurse leaders the Western Institute of Professional Development was created with a specialist nursing courses to be designed.

Chairman of the WIPD is also our Chairman & Medical Director Vidyajyothi Prof. Rezvi Sheriff, a learned professor who has a household name in the country as a great academic. He is an emeritus Professor of Medicine in the prestigious Faculty of Medicine of University of Colombo. In addition we conduct many short training courses on speci-c topics by arranging experts from the relevant -elds as resource persons. We are also a recognized institution to train registrar level doctors for post-graduate training in Dialysis and Transplantation. All these work is done under the guidance and personal supervision of our Chairman. Our aimis to improve the quality of our training programs to its highest to pass on the required knowledge to the participants.

  • NAITA and MOH Approved Courses
  • Lecture Rooms with OHP
  • Student Class Rooms
  • Computer Training Center
  • Nursing Accomadation-
  • Nursing Library
  • Demonstration Rooms
  • Group Discussion Rooms
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Introductory Psyhcology Anatomy and Physiology
  • History and Trends in Nursing
  • Nursing Ethics and Professional
  • adjustment Microbiology
  • Sociology
  • Community Health
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Pathology
  • Elementry Science
  • Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Family Planning
  • Elements of Ward Managements English IT

The Nusing course has been designed to give high level skills, Not just in terms of the physical work but also sharpening creativity critical judgement and ability to lead making visionary Nurse Leaders.

The institute expects to diversity in to more areas of study including: Nurse Aides, Care givers, Physiotherapy, Geriatric Nursing, Dialysis Nursing, Surgical Nursing,Travel Nurse, ICU Nurse and many other courses in the future.