Western Hospital has the longest running dialysis unit in Sri Lanka, and has conducted over 120,000 dialyses for over 30 years under expert management. Hemodialysis is the most common treatment for kidney failure and is a vital lifesaving treatment for patients with end stage kidney disease who have lost kidney function. Hemodialysis service helps extend the life of kidney patients by removing waste and excess ¬fluid from the blood, until a kidney transplant can be performed.

Western Hospital the pioneer and leader in Dialysis and kidney transplantation has collaborated with world famous Fraseneus Medical Care (FMC) Germany the global leader in dialysis and dialysis products in the world. With extensive experience of conducting dialysis for more than 30 years Western Hospital will build on the synergy of its new partner to provide a dialysis treatment that is of the best quality for a reasonable price in Sri Lanka.

WFDU is equipped with the latest technology by the number 1 brand in the

  • Latest 4008s Fraseneus Dialysis machines which provide highest quality HD treatment
  • The latest art of R/O systems which provide medical grade water
  • Ultra-pure dialysis fluid
  • Electric reclining Dialysis chairs, TV in a comfortable settings and isolation facility during dialysis if necessary.
  • Treatment room for minor surgeries
  • On call emergency and mobile services
  • 24/7 Care by seasoned professionals (nephrologists, nurses, technicians and support staff)
  1. Heamodialysis services for locals
    • Presidents fund assistance
  2. Holiday dialysis services for foreigners
  3. Continous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis

The WFDU is open 24 hours where:

  • Existing patients can pre book sessions
  • New patients will require nephrologists opinion to prior to booking sessions
  • President fund patients are accepted
  • Holiday dialysis patients can book there session via email


Western hospital provides hemodialysis services in Sri Lanka. Hemodialysis is a way to eliminate waste products from the blood when the kidneys can no longer do their job effectively. In hemodialysis, a machine filters wastes, salts and fluid from the blood. Hemodialysis is the most common way to treat kidney failure.

In hemodialysis, blood is removed from the body and filtered through a filter called a dialyzer, or an artificial kidney, and the filtered blood is returned to the body.

  • Our dialysis includes initial screening by our expert nephrologists, blood screening tests, insertion of AV Fistula or using existing perm catheters for hemodialysis.
  • To perform hemodialysis, there needs to be an access point in the patient’s body to get the blood from the body to the dialyzer and back into the body. There are three types of access points for hemodialysis which are undertaken in Western Hospital:
    • Arterio-venous (AV) fistula
    • AV graft
    • central venous catheter (HD cath)

The haemodialysis treatment takes about 4-5 hours. Here is what happens:

  • When you want to receive a heamodialysis for the first time, Our dialysis procedure includes:
    • initial screening by our expert nephrologists,
    • blood screening tests, (Hep B,Hep C, HIV ect.)
    • insertion of AV Fistula for hemodialysis, only then followed to dialysis.
  • When a patient goes to receive the green light for hemodialysis, the nurse initially undertakes an initial assessment where vital signs, BMI and other details will be checked.
  • Based on the patients weight will indicate how much excess fluid the patient needs to be removed during the treatment.
  • After which the patient is then connected to the machine where it will track blood flow, blood pressure, the amount of fluid removed, and other vital information while also undertaking the dialysis.
  • When the procedure is done a nurse may advice you on the next date of dialysis and will open a comprehensive medical file for the patient.