Western Hospital Excels at BWIO awards and Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification For High Quality Management Standards by Beureu Veritas USA

Professor Rezvi Sheriff is a spearhead within the medical community. The name reverberates through each passing generations as the pioneer and ‘Father of Nephrology’.In addition to the wisdom and expertise that radiates from his existence, the Professor is adorned with MBBS,MD,FRCP,FRACP,FRCPE,FCCP,FNASSL and FSLCGP qualifications and doctorates. Prof.Sheriff reached the epitome of popularity once he became the chief proponent of the introduction of renal disease diagnosis, dialysis and kidney transplants. He was instrumental in the inaugural successful kidney transplant in the country in 1985, and went onto perform over 1000 transplant operations throughout the globe upto date. After 40 years of eminent service, he retired from the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo in September 2014, where he held the post of Senior Professor of Medicine. Both undergraduates and post graduates alike was privileged with the prestige of receiving a snapshot of his knowledge, wisdom and guidance through a career which spanned over decades.It was as a direct initiative of Professor Rezvi Sheriff which laid the blueprints for the establishment of Western Hospital in 1984.

Over 30 years of service is in by no means an easy achievement. Those who are actively engaged in the medical profession can attest to that. Providing consistent sustained services in each aspect which the hospital is specialized in has finally led for the international recognition that it richly deserves. The specifics of the achievement is intriguing, and deserves further investigation. CEO Mr. Omar Sheriff took this opportunity to grant the society a glimpse of the nature of the prestige that Western Hospital has earned and shared his insight on the effort that went into the coveted triumph which he too played a key role in achieving. 

Congratulations on the achievement. The specifics is still a bit unclear. Can you shed some light on the matter?

Business World International is an award conferred by an accreditation company which is widely reputed as the Business World International Organization (BWIO).It is an ISO 9001 certified award based in the USA. This is a title which many individual and industrial participants desire. Many exceptional individuals and organizations who have achieved ultimate goals and unprecedented success for the year 2018 were nominated for significant performances in an assortment of categories related to the organization(large and SMEs).Individual performances were given proper recognition in terms of commitment and dedication which goes beyond their self interest (resourceful CEO s, entrepreneurs, business leaders and many other talented individuals).The exceptional recent achievements due to our commitment to proficiency in terms of quality, value addition, infrastructure, output and technology is staggering. Western Hospital was honored with 2 awards through the BWIO panel to eulogize efforts.

Which specific category earned Western Hospital the BWI award? What is it’s Quality and Recognition?

Western Hospital was awarded the Platinum Award for ‘The Sri Lankan Business of the Year” in the medium category of healthcare and related services. As the CEO I was crowned with the golden award for “The Young CEO of the Year” under the same category. As an organization, and as the CEO, this is the epitome of success that is imaginable for an organization of our caliber, given that this is one of the most revered titles within the Asian Pacific Region.

The quality of the award, as I elaborated earlier, is based on an ISO 9001 certification and the recognition of the award was further enhanced by the President of Sri Lanka who implicitly acknowledged through writing that this award is one of the best honors that can be bestowed upon an organization in the Asia Pacific region. The award was first introduced as an attempt to promote the sustainable development goals implemented by the United Nations Organization which all organizations are expected to align with. The award ceremony was ever so dignified with the presence of key figures; Honorable Thilanga Sumathipala and Ministers Thondamon and Rauff Hakeem.

Elaborate on the professional expertise that is currently employed in WH

Western Hospital is an SME which has a staff of well over 150.Persons in all walks of life, with different cultures and ethnicities are ever present.A culturally diverse working environment is promised for the staff. Discrimination on race, religion, skin tone and caste is not tolerated within the walls of the establishment. Western Hospital firmly believes that a society that is built on pluralism achieves the most effective development.That is in relation to diversity.   

High standards for expertise is expected, if one wishes to seek employment. The administrative structure has the ideal blend of administrative and clinical personnel, spearheaded by our Chairman Vidyajothi Professor Rezvi Sheriff. As a presidential award holder and a highly sought after clinician, the Professor had led exemplarily from the front and is recognized as a core reason behind our success. His excellence is not limited to the many professional qualifications; it is the experience throughout the years that has made him into the seasoned veteran he has become.

Our board too is mutli talented; I myself is a qualified health administrator and a double Master’s student in Finance and Management. Personally, I consider that I have sufficient experience that was received through years of actively specializing in healthcare related assignments for NGOs, Banks and other local & MNC healthcare organisations. My sister Dr. Habeeba Sheriff is a trainee nephrologist while my brother Dr.Rikaz Sheriff is a Director in Primary Care and Information Technology, adorned with a MSC in Healthcare Informatics. Mr Wijaya Ransi, Mrs Amitha Kathiriarachi and Mrs. Sheriff have over 30 years of experience and expertise in the sector which further strengthens our board.

The recruitment policy is based on the skills that is in demand within the market. Professional qualifications supported with a soft human touch is a huge asset for any professional. The person should be updated on the clinical & general knowledge that is predominant within the healthcare industry.

Experts that are signed with Western Hospital keeps increasing annually. A multitude of professionals ranging from general surgeons, nephrologists, physicians, ophthalmologists to therapists with proven track records are listed in our staff records. We therefore can say we have a muti-talented and disciplined workforce base and with a program of continuous learning and development embedded in to our culture we hope to keep developing people who can make a difference in the healthcare field in the country.

Does Western Hospital have modern equipment? If so what is the current state of the technology that is available?

Western Hospital was able to procure certain modernized futuristic equipment within the last decade.4D Doppler scanners,digital X-Ray technology,state of the art ambulances, state of the art twin operating theaters and Sri Lanka’s sole KT ICU unit are the top assets that determines the state of technological investment. All necessary equipment and technologies to facilitate the hospital’s value chain is at our disposal including latests softwares and equipment. Further investment decisions are yet to be made. The management has intentions to procure advanced healthcare information systems, healthcare human resource management systems and FinTech applications to improve the patient experience. A technology that assist to remove kidney stones using electronic shockwave lithotripsy are in the hospital’s bucket list (yet to be acquired).

Plans to further diversify the service portfolio is put to debate. Intentions to venture into cancer treatment and oncology have been discussed repeatedly. A hospital should be a ‘one stop’ scenario which treats most ailment. Therefore, Western Hospital feels the desire to specialize in key aspects of disease in relation to the resources available at their disposal at present.

What are the future plans for the hospital?

Plans for increased coverage through joint ventures are laid out. These include agreements with world famous dialysis, wound dressing, IVF treatment companies are in the pipeline and other international entities which specialize in cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantations .Pacts with Galle and Kalutara are to be made intending to expand dialysis reach throughout the country. Expectations to elevate the consultant base by establishing sublime consultation rooms which provide customers with real time patient queue management systems are in the process.

Re-continuation of the prior halted international kidney transplant program is our future investment. Through that, the development of Sri Lanka’s medical tourism operation is evident.The quality of delivery within our value chain will be refined with each passing year. Once the model is successful, Western Hospitals envisions the potential to engage in muti-national activities.

What makes the service of Western Hospital better than others?

The unique USP that Western Hospital possesses is the world class kidney transplant team, it’s 30 year experience and a 98% success rate was sustained throughout the 3 decades. In addition Sri Lanka’s most successful medical tourism operation was initiated in this institution. The hospital has the capability to provide high patient safety standards, personalized care and an invaluable service which is facilitated through advanced technologies. Thereby it is safe to state that best value for money packages are offered to the patients. General kidney transplant programs;IPD and OPD services are 20-30% cheaper than rivals. This, supported by the excellent personalized health care which has earned brand loyalty among many patients both locally and internationally.

What does the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) mean to Western Hospital and it’s patients?

ISO 9001:2015 QMS certification is achieved by meeting certain standards which evaluate management, documentation, corrective and preventive measures, on-going support and training, regular internal and external auditting practices of each company. This guarantee that Western Hospital has shown promise with regard to each of the facets that were expected and builds confidence within patients and providers.

From the organizations perspective this improves efficiency, reduces wastage and associated costs, mitigates systematic breakdowns and ensures ideal hospital-wide processes.It creates a sense of responsibility for the staff which makes them accountable for their own actions. Long story short- it drives the hospitals to provide the best possible service that the patients & providers expect and deserve especially in relation to patient safety & satisfaction.

What is the message that you wish to give the public?

As futuristic hospital we will always leverage advances in medicine and technology to simplify access and provide innovative care whenever necessary to fulfill the needs of the communities we serve . The future is yet to be determined, and Western Hospital attempts to create the ideal future that the society deserves. Unwavering focus will be given to build the vision of enhancing the quality of systems, technological capacities, education, training and development for its existing and future staff and providing custom made healthcare solutions that ensures value for money. Take charge of your own life and settle for nothing but the best treatment that is needed, because in the end, this is your life, and every life is worth saving.

As a final word in recent times there were some false allegations and rumorous hovered over Western Hospital. I strongly declare that such allegations haven’t swayed or halted the professional service that we provide. Western Hospital has always been a proud corporate citizen and has been at the forefront of social responsibility initiatives such as the Tsunami and Meethotamulla clinics, flood relief camps, world kidney day and world diabeties day initiatives, to mention a few. The society was assisted in the means that is possible,in accordance to resource availability. Discrimination based on race, religion, skin tone and ethnicity is frowned upon on any given date. Western Hospital gains pride as Sri Lankan medical facility which brings solutions to cititzens; not to add further fuel to existing problems. The awards which is proudly displayed is a testimony to commitment to excellence and the value that is offered to the society. This cant be achieved without teamwork and commitment between the ever present diverse workforce. Western Hospital is one Family and it will continue to serve the homeland and community in the best of it’s ability to ensure a healthier tomorrow for all citizens.

Randheer Mallawaarachchi