Tips on eating when travelling abroad with kidney disease

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Suffering from kidney disease does not mean that you have to forego all life’s pleasures such as travelling. With proper planning and proper guidelines, you can enjoy your foreign adventures and maintain good health. Your dietary requirements will be more specific as you have kidney disease and the below tips may help you make wise choices as you enjoy your travel time.

Doctor’s advice

You are probably already following a specific diet, but this will not always be easy to maintain while travelling, so check with your doctor or a referred specialist about alternate food that will be safe for you to consume. Generally, get an idea of which food in the country you are travelling to would be safe for you to consume.

Avoid convenience

However easy it maybe it is best to avoid drive-throughs and convenient food. Instead, opt for restaurants and café where you can check the ingredients and have a better choice of healthier food options to choose from. Whenever possible choose salads, vegetables and fruits, especially if you are on a low-potassium diet and stick to moderate portion sizes.

Smart swaps

If you will be travelling and are worried that you may not be able to access healthier food options pack a few go-to snacks such as an English muffin, a whole wheat dinner roll or bagel. This way when hunger hits you will be able avoid snacking on sodium and potassium high foods such as potato wedges and French fries. When you do have access to wholesome food, make sure to eat as healthy as possible.

Eating local

If you are keen on sampling local dishes, because after all that is an important part of the whole experience, do check the ingredients. Keep with you at all times a phrase book or the words relevant to food types you need to avoid. This will help you choose or request for dishes that meet your requirements, plus eating local usually means the food will be fresher with less preservatives.

Nutrition labels

Always, always read the nutrition labels, so that you can avoid any food that includes ingredients not suitable for your diet. If you are on a fluid-restricted diet, then be sure to avoid food that contains a lot of salt as that can make you thirsty quicker.

Be mindful

The whole point of going on holiday or travelling is to have fun and enjoy the new experiences. Being mindful of what you eat and taking your medication properly will help you enjoy every moment. Understand that giving into temptation will give you momentary pleasure but will be harmful in the long run. Use these tips and your doctor’s guidance to eat healthy and be happy while you travel.