How to create fresh routines when newly diagnosed with diabetes

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Being newly diagnosed with any chronic disease is a shock to anyone. However, it does not mean that you cannot get on with life, it just means that you will have to make some adjustments and changes to your normal routines and habits. Over time your new routine will become habit and feel comfortable and natural to you. The key is to be patient with yourself.

Understand your diabetes

It is best to accept from the beginning that diabetes is going to be part of your life and that the best way to live with it is to understand it thoroughly. First, which type of diabetes do you have? Is it the most common form which is Type 2? Type 1 is more common in children while gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy. By knowing and understanding your specific type of diabetes you will be able to take the best measures for you.

Develop a suitable diet

This is essential. You should not continue with your pre-diabetes dietary habits. If you have Type 2 diabetes, diet is actually a really good way to control it. Speak with your Specialist for proper guidance on dietary changes, exclusions and inclusions. This advice you can then adapt to suit your personal preference to build a food plan that you will enjoy, which in turn helps you stick to it better.

Learn all you can

Nowadays, we are lucky. We have access to information at our fingertips. Go online and browse reputed sites and forums for advice, discussions and guidance. It is a great way to develop a communal feeling and to surround yourself with people in a similar situation. It helps you better understand how others lead normal lives while having diabetes. By learning all you can about your diabetes you will have the necessary tools to deal with it calmly and confidently. However, always check with your doctor before you adopt or try out any advice and tips you receive online.

Schedule regular checkups

This is essential. Even if you do check your glucose levels at home, it is always best to let your doctor have a look at you regularly. This helps them monitor your situation and give you guidance if and when necessary. While you may have the condition under control, a professional is usually able to spot any potential complications early. Listen to the advice given and if you are on medication be sure to take it properly.

Living with diabetes is not impossible. All you need to do is build a new, best life for yourself around the disease. Western Hospital has expert consultants that will help you on this journey as well as a Diabetes packages that will ensure you receive comprehensive care, guidance and treatment.