KDHC Centre

The Kidney Diabetes Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Centre is focussed on screening the public before they get an illness. With a count of over 1200 million hypertensives and 400 million diabetics worldwide, it’s time to get screened before it’s too late. Some of the features of our KDHC Centre include:

  • Comprehensive disease counselling.
  • Screening packages for Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney and Cardiovascular disease including eye and foot care.
  • Our screening team comprises of Nephrologists, Diabetologists, Cardiologists, Vascular Surgeons, General & Family Physicians.
  • We give free screening on the following days:
    • World Kidney Day
    • World Diabetes Day
    • World Hypertension Day
  • If you would like to participate or sponsor such an event [email protected] us for more details or call to +94 11 739 2260.

Giving Back

We take our motto ‘Your neighbourhood hospital’ seriously with free screening days, health and spiritual promotion events, blood donation drives, ‘dansala’, health camps in disaster areas and Zakat/Sadaqah concessions for the destitute. We have an active welfare association focussed on internal and external social programmes. If you have a worthy cause which needs health assistance email [email protected] with your proposal.