Western Hospital celebrates World Kidney Day 2020


The 2020 world kidney day was celebrated by Western Hospital (WH) an iso 9001 QMS certified Hospital and the pioneering leader in Kidney transplantation and dialysis. The theme for the World Kidney day ‘Kidney Health for everyone everywhere’ was same as that of the international Nephrology Society (ISN) and International Federation of Kidney foundations (IFKF) theme. The chief guest Dr. Arjuna Marasinghe (Consulant Nephrologist), chairman of WH Vidyajothi Professor Rezvi Sheriff (consultant Nephrologist), Mr. Omar Sheriff (CEO WH) and Health ministry officials were present at the event.

Based on the ISN & IFKF theme certain key messages were highlighted at the WH event:

  • Kidney disease is projected to become the 5th leading cause of premature death globally by 2040 and 850 people are already affected by it.
  • Crucially, the onset and progression of chronic kidney disease is often preventable through primary, secondary or tertiary interventions
  • Clinical preventaive interventions include early check ups, blood pressure and glycemic control as well as management of co-morbidities e.g cardiovascular disease
  • A key preventative measure is more education and awareness of the risks of kidney disease among the population, patients, professions and policy makers
  • A drastic change and improvement in national and specific policies directed towards education and awareness about kidney disease as well as CKD screening, management and treatment are needed
  • World Kidney Day calls on everyone to advocate for concrete measures in every country to promote and advance kidney disease prevention

Based on theme WH undertook the world kidney day awareness program in Sri Lanka, highlighting the local position on the disease especially CKD which has plagued Sri Lanka in recent years. The awareness program included an awareness walk, street drama for public education of the disease, a free screening clinic for more than 300 people, social media awareness and competitions were undertaken to align with WKD theme of screening, prevention and treatment of kidney diseases. In addition given that WH is the leader in kidney transplantation the importance of kidney transplantation (KT) and its effects to the quality of life was highlighted in the event. This was further highlighted with a special promotion on kidney transplantation where LKR 100,000 off for anyone who undertakes a KT before April 2020.