Western Hospital, also known as Western Infirmary, is a renowned healthcare institution with over 30 years of experience in Sri Lanka. We are reputed as kidney care specialists in Sri Lanka, with a focus on Haemodialysis and Kidney Transplantation. We have now diversified into a General Hospital and are expanding to include a variety of services, and will be soon expanding to provide Obstetrics, Mother and Childcare Facilities.




Western Hospital commenced operations in Sri Lanka in 1984 as Lanka Medicare Company, in order to provide quality kidney care to Sri Lankan patients. It was founded by Professor Rezvi Sheriff, who is widely considered to be the ‘Father of Nephrology’ in Sri Lanka, and was instrumental in performing the first ever kidney transplant in Sri Lanka in October 1985. Western Hospital is one of the most reliable kidney care facilities in the country; we have the longest running kidney transplant and dialysis program in the country, and have performed over 1000 kidney transplants and 100,000 dialyses over three decades.


Patient and Diagnostic Services

We have now diversified into a General Hospital, and provide a comprehensive range of patient services such as OPD, Mobile Services, Emergency Care and Pharmacy Services. We also provide channeled consultations with an expert panel of consultant doctors to cater to a variety of specialties. We have a total of 50 beds in our entire hospital, and have twin operating theatres, ICU facilities and a dedicated Renal ICU for post kidney transplant care. We have comprehensive diagnostic services and offer a wide range of laboratory tests, imaging services and clinical diagnostic tests to help serve you better.


Patient-centric care

“Hospitality in a Hospital” is what we strive to give to each and every patient through ethical and personal clinical care. We make no pretences about being hi-tec; however, we have reliable and fully equipped theatres and ICU facilities, ensuring that your essential needs will be met. We focus on providing individual care to our patients, backed by essential services and well trained, dedicated and caring nursing staff, to ensure that you, our valuable patients, are comfortable. We personally coach all our staff members to reflect this, and are constantly looking to accommodate your needs. We are renowned in Sri Lanka for our humane approach to services.



We take great pride in giving back to the community that supports us, and have Health Camps and Screening Programmes to serve all strata of society in Sri Lanka. We promote healthy living in the community and disease prevention, and provide public and professional health education.


God Bless You & Good Health.


Vidyajyothi Professor Rezvi Sheriff
Council Member, International Society of Nephrology
Chairman and Founder, Western Hospital, Sri Lanka

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