Western Hospital Pharmacy provides a comprehensive selection of high quality, government approved medications for all your needs, and we strive to provide our patrons accurate, timely and professional provision of prescription services. Our pharmacy is located on the 2nd floor, and we are ready to serve you every day until midnight.

We stock a comprehensive selection of over the counter (OTC) and specialist medications, ensuring that all your needs are catered to in a convenient manner. We provide medication to facilitate all medical and surgical requirements of patients, including outpatients and prescriptions from elsewhere.

We also provide surgical devices, orthopaedic support accessories, nutraceutical products, health supplements, baby and mother care products and portable diagnostic devices such as Glucometers etc.

Our qualified and experienced pharmacy team is efficient and always willing to provide you with any information with regard to your medicine. All prescriptions are checked by qualified and registered pharmacists and dedicated support staff before dispensing drugs to patrons, ensuring your safety.

All our products are sold at Government approved prices, and we store our products according to proper guidelines. Only government approved registered drugs are available, and we can provide appropriate patient counselling regarding the proper use of medicine, including the possible side effects and precautions to observe if necessary while on a particular medication.

We are happy to undertake bulk orders of medication, and offer free delivery for pharmacy purchases over Rs. 5000/- for patients in Borella, Nawala, Rajagiriya, Dematagoda and Wellawatte. We accept cash and card payments at our pharmacy.

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