Western Hospital provides 24/7 emergency services that are reliable, efficient and effective. Our emergency teams have the expertise and experience to deliver appropriate services for almost any type of medical emergency, and you can be rest assured that you or your loved ones will be in good hands at Western Hospital Emergency Care.

Our emergency care services at Western Hospital include initial assessment of patients that require urgent medical attention, management and further referrals to relevant consultants. Other emergency care services offered include nebulizations, emergency medications and monitoring of critical patients. We have a sterile dressing area for suturing and dressing for acute trauma patients, with facilities available for nebulization, catheterization, naso-gastric tube insertion and more.

We are well equipped with skilled, dedicated staff and medical professionals, who practice the latest standard techniques and methods in patient care. Our medical officers are well trained for emergency situations, are available to attend to emergency cases round the clock, and are backed by experienced nursing staff and support staff that are dedicated and committed to saving lives. A full time attending physician is On-Call 24 hours a day.

Our emergency care is facilitated with good emergency equipment and monitoring systems that are supported by two theaters and an intensive care unit at the hospital. We also offer round the clock ambulance services with our fleet of ambulances to transport ill patients if necessary. Contact Western Mobile Service today on + 94 11 268 5413 if you need an ambulance. Conditions Apply.